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It is true that so many websites do not prior writing about Internet Explorer because it was one of old browsers. But keep it in notice that it still manages to provide rigid security with fluent surfing. It might be look fluffy to some people but that doesn’t effects it’s working. Internet Explorer has been serving millions of windows users since 19’s and this is initial point from where other browsers got their idea and inspiration. Internet Explorer is a unique browser that offers you some of pioneering features which are not even introduced by others. Other leading browsers can even adopt features that you can get with Internet Explorer. Lets get go with new jaw dropping and bashing features following by some tech tips about this stunning browser. Also catch up more about the new version of IE as well.

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Specifications of Internet Explorer 11

Internet Explorer’s new version is now available for general public use and it can be run in almost every unit of operating system. Moreover you can get tons of features that will blow your mind to improve browsing experience. Back in those days when you could only be available with few of facilities due to which people lack to access internet. It could have not been so easier to use internet accesses, but nowadays it becomes easier to share internet with more freedom. It becomes convenient, now user who like reading can feel the change. Reading e-books was never been so easy on other browsers. This is one of main issues faced by users. But as the new upgrade arrives on internet explorer, it hardly take few seconds to load full book. Moreover it is so fluent and easy to use due to which readers can now more attracted towards it. Internet Explorer is providing number of features and reluctant exploration as well.

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Internet Explorer 11 Final Version for Window 10

Internet Explorer 2018 is a biggest thing that we cant live without and everyone is so obsessed with it. I mean of course it is modern world and we all are similarly part of it. Quite a bit obvious we all would likely to be on internet. And to surf on internet most of users use IE browser. As you know that earlier version of the Internet Explorer are quite good, we might have skip to think about it. But now it get to the slow speed and quirky interface. This is why most of us had downloaded the other alternatives to browse internet. But now windows has put in the extreme work and improvements to enhance the working of Internet Explorer from few years back. Internet Explorer 11 is the current version represented by the Microsoft and they are improvising it continuously. It results into the better performance and great experience onto the internet.

According to recent survey, people these days are considering Internet Explorer 11 as their primary browser. Reason behind the epic success of this browser is amazing features that Windows has built up for users.

Internet Explorer 11 Final Version for Window 10

Among most of internet users, Internet Explorer has been the most talked and stable product. This is why users are getting excited about its new feature upgrade and all. In this article you will find all new things happening with Internet Explorer 11. Internet Explorer offer you multiple benefits that can enhance speed and performance of the browser. It will make you leave all other alternatives for sure. This is just like breeze for millions of active users those witnessing IE 11. It will attract immensely when you will come to know about latest features and bunch of enhancements it got. So get ready to feel the safest browsing experience in the history and be a victim of better performance of Internet Explorer. Lets have a clear vision on the Pros and Cons of Internet Explorer 11.

[su_box title=”Pros” box_color=”#5e9a3f”]

  • Sleeker interface
  • Good RSS integration
  • Simple favourites menu
  • Tabbed browsing
  • Better anti-phishing filter
  • No more complicated installation process
  • Embrace the latest web standards


[su_box title=”Cons” box_color=”#f60729″]

  • No drop down view for RSS feed items


Before wasting more time, lets get straight to discuss what’s new we get in the Internet Explorer 11 this year –

Professional Quality Video Stabiliser

All the live streaming lovers will find it cool, because now onwards they can get the better view of the video. It mean next time when you click on link, to play live videos or any 4k video stuff, no more lagging will occur. You can get the premium experience to watch 4K video and you would feel like at theatre. So if you a party freak, just grab latest version of Internet Explorer and try it now. We hope it would not disappoint you.

Quick Tabs

Well this is the amazing part of the Internet Explorer 2018 in which you will get the immense experience while surfing on the internet. Like we all love to surf as more as we can, and we never expect any kind of trouble during it. It also becomes irritating when user want to open more than one web pages at the same time. This is the moment when quick tabs feature of Internet Explorer will help you out.

You can easily open the more tabs and you don’t have to worry about the management. Internet Explorer easily handle out the smooth experience and would never let you face lag down in the speed.

F12 Debugger Tool

New internet explorer 11 has a great tool called debug tool which heal itself which you machine or your browser got attacked by virus, malware and spyware. You don’t need to run any real-time virus checking process, just switch to it and that’s it. Lets take a look whether you can get it on or not, depending upon the system requirement as it given below.

System Requirements

Processor –                PC with a 1 gigahertz (GHz) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor.

Operating system – Windows 7 32-bit with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher

                                   Windows 7 64-bit with Service Pack 1 (SP1) or higher

                                  Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) 64-bit

Memory –                Windows 7 32-bit—512 MB

                                  Windows 7 64-bit—512 MB

                                  Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit—512 MB

Hard drive –           Windows 7 32-bit—70 MB

                                 Windows 7 64-bit—120 MB

                                 Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit—200 MB

3D Web Graphics

Now you system can get the amazing new experience of the 3D orientation and it could be possible if you are using new version of the Internet Explorer. In this case, IE11 take advantage of the graphic card held into system to get the optimal performance and enhanced surfing. In other words, it will take advantage of your hardware graphic card and will help monitor to show 3d website pages amazingly.

Wrapping Up

This is not the end here, I think there several more feature that will blow your mind. I am sure you will feel up after using new version of the internet explorer. If you have any issue regarding it, do let us know in the comment section below. We would love to hear your voice. Internet Explorer is probably the one of the best browser out there on internet yet. Hope to get more incredible features in near future. Do not forget to share your views and experience with us that what you have observed after using it.

Free Download Internet Explorer 11, IE 11 Download

Internet explorer 11 currently has the choice to disable VBScript from executing. VBScript is a thing that Microsoft is gradually phasing out of its browsers, as it is not a part of Edge in any respect. It also has a formal deprecated scripting language in order to bring better performance. The power to dam VBScript in Internet Explorer 11 initial has showed up within the Creators Update. Also with accumulative security update for internet explorer, however this is often the primary time that choice is turned on by default. And if you are not an corporate executive, you will see this change within the Fall Creators Update. As with the modification that was created in April, users with previous versions of Windows can still see this. It’ll available in the shape an accumulative security update.

Of course, there’ll still be ways for VBScript, as IE11 continues to be enclosed in Windows 10 for the aim of backward compatibility. Just in case you weren’t aware, VBScript has been far-famed to be a liability in internet explorer creating it unbelievably exposed to any or all styles of exploits to attack the system.

Free Download Internet Explorer 11

Starting with build 16237, VBScript are disabled by default. It’ll still be doable to alter or to disable the VBScript execution per web site security zone mistreatment the written account or via the cluster Policy. Yesterday Microsoft has launched 16237 element to Windows 10 Insiders. This has contained a full schedule of enhancements. Shortly when it discharges, Microsoft denote on its Windows diary that there’s another modification out there.

Internet explorer 11 still sits quietly in Windows 10, though largely outdated by Microsoft Edge currently has the choice to disable VBScript from executing. VBScript has been far-famed to be a hit-point in internet explorer, creating it straightforward for exploits to attack the system. VBScript is disabled by default. It’ll still be doable to alter or disable VBScript execution per web site security zone, via the written account or via cluster Policy. Those outside of the Windows corporate executive program, this modification is creating its method within the future of customers. On previous versions of Windows via a cumulative update, as a part of a security patch. Users who aren’t a part of the Windows corporate executive Program can see this transformation returning within the future on previous versions of Windows through an accumulative update enclosed in a very security patch.

Reasons for maintaining internet explorer

Earlier nowadays, Microsoft free Windows 10 for PCs build 16237 to the quick ring, adding variety of latest options and changes. In a very separate announcement, the corporate aforementioned that during this build. VBScript are disabled in internet explorer 11 (IE11) internet and Restricted Sites Zones by default. Some users keep asking themselves what reason Microsoft still has. It got to update internet explorer since Microsoft developed Edge for this explicit reason. In the end, though, it’s still not therefore wealthy in options like different internet browsers as well as internet explorer 11. Some users even like IE11 additional as a result of you will not reset Edge to default settings. Moreover, in a very GUI such as you can neutralize IE11 in a way for improved performance.

What’s New?

  • Better Tab system on the panel
  • New themes
  • Efficient way to handle heavy pages
  • Rigid Firewall against malwares, trojans and spyware

What’s additional, there are innumerable businesses that also deem internet explorer. Even internal internet apps, bug fixes and security are some essential components even got better. Microsoft still has got to maintain internet explorer although the corporate doesn’t essentially update it any longer in a very ancient method. This is why it is having a huge surpass over the browsers.

Sum Up

Most of browsers are not safe in case of online shopping and payments. This is because they are not purely safe and sound due to weak firewall. They also lack in case of security while downloading, due to which practice of virus and Trojans attack increase. It also results in loss of information and give rise to unbalanced system. It is the reason millions of people had lost their data and information while accessing it. Also data form the cloud media station, it become vulnerable sometimes due to those silly browses. But if we talk about the internet explorer, one can’t ignore the fact that IE is just awesome. If you want to secure your browsing and downloading, you must opt for Internet Explorer 2018.


This will help you in so many factors tends to reduce the chances of data loss. Moreover it brings you variety of features as well as security aspects. You can save your data history as bookmark and download the whole page as well. In contrast, it is all in one feature browser available for you for free of cost. For more information, just logon to official website. In case of any query, do let us know in the comment section below.

How to delete cookies, clear your history & cache in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 11 is the one of the best browser till date and this is why people love to use it since long. IE 11 is the recent launched version in which Microsoft has injected so many new features. They has enhanced the working of the IE 11 and this is why browser becomes smoother and easy to use. By now, regular readers are aware of the numerous advantages of clearing their internet browsing history and cookies. It additionally delete web site preferences and other information in the face of caches hold by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. We hope this guidance get user’s peace of mind and facilitate them to optimize their internet browsing experiences.

Trending Now – Latest Internet Explorer 11

How can I delete cookies, clear history & cache in Internet Explorer

Millions of users keep on asking how to wipe out the history and clear cache memory of browser. In this article we are going to elaborate you about how to do it and to get to done. Acknowledging that reality, our current focus is to communicate with users about another application program. From that perspective, users can enhance performance level of browser and privacy of their data. After deleting the history and cache of your browser you will observe more flexibility of IE 11 and it will be smoother as never before. Users, who use to surf more and more on the daily basis, are advised to clear cache and delete your history on the regular interval of days. Hence here are the steps to clear your browser history, cookies and cache in internet explorer.

Clearing Your Cache and Cookies

  • Open a new window in Internet Explorer. Tap on the top-right corner of the window, you’ll see an icon formed sort of a gear. This can be the Tools icon. Click it.
  • A menu can seem from the Tools icon. Hover over Safety and choose Delete browser history option within the secondary menu that displays.

  • Uncheck Preserve Favorites web site information, check Temporary net Files and Cookies, and click on Delete. This will clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

You Should Check – Difference Between Internet Explorer 10 and 11

This is the first stream to make it clear about the cookies and cache cleaning. But sometimes the steps provided higher than do not clear all of your cookies and different cached data. You’ll take away these persistent files in Internet Explorer 10 and lower (But we’ve all upgraded, right?) by clicking the Tools icon, choosing F12 developer tools, and clicking Clear browser cache…. do not forget to click “Yes” to confirm!

You can additionally opt to block cookies on Internet Explorer by navigating from the Tools icon to net choices, choosing the Privacy tab, selecting Advanced underneath Settings. Then specify you wish to remove first- and third-party cookies. Hence you must take it into mind and give provision to your browser’s working after wiping cache, cookies and history of Internet Explorer 11.

View and Delete Your Browser History

  • Open a brand window in Internet Explorer. Close to the top-right corner of the window next to the Tools icon, you’ll see an icon formed sort of a star. This can be the Favorites icon. Click it.
  • Select History and opt for what quantity of your browsing history you need to clear before striking Delete.

Alternatively, you can navigate to Tools> Safety> Delete browsing history> choose History before striking Delete.

So we really hope it helps you, and if yes then do share this article with your friends who are troubled by this problem. Make them free from this panic and enjoy the best experience of IE 11. This website is purely favour the betterment of our viewers. We would never like to see if viewers suffer anything. Hence we put efforts and collectively come together in order to recommend something good. It is our prime duty to make you aware about the things so that it could be beneficial for you. Thus we highly recommend you all to use Internet Explorer as compare to other browsers. Just take a change and try it once, we are sure you would love it.

Free Download Internet Explorer 10 and 11 for windows

The most recent version of Internet Explorer is very compatible, efficient and useful. As an exemplary desktop program and an application from the Microsoft Store, it has gained huge followers. A significant number of our clients who rely on upon heritage highlights just accessible in more seasoned forms of Internet Explorer. If you know about our Enterprise Mode tools for IE11, it will make you understand faster. Today, we’re stretching out Enterprise Mode support by opening site indicated on the Enterprise Mode site list in IE11. It can utilize current IE11 Enterprise Mode site list. It can make another one particularly for Microsoft Edge. By keeping internet explorer as the default program in Windows 10.

IE 11

Just opening heritage line of business locales in IE11 when it is important. By providing them a brewed feedback, user can help keep fresher improvement extends on track, utilizing the most recent web gauges on Microsoft Edge. For clients that have huge heritage content, we are likewise giving the capacity to design. Internet Explorer 11 Download

Windows 64 Bit (7/8/10) – Click Here

Window 10 64 Bit – Click Here

Windows 7- Click Here

Windows 10- Click Here

Effective Way to Begin

This component is accessible in Windows 10, so no extra updates are needed.  If you are as using Enterprise Mode to address similarity issues in Internet Explorer 11. You should simply design Microsoft Edge to utilize your current Site List. Learn more about Enterprise Mode and how to turn it on. While we trust that directors can rapidly move to present day web models and internet explorer. We have resolved to help facilitate the move utilizing Internet Explorer 11 and the Enterprise Mode Site List. This usefulness is accessible as a major aspect of Windows 10 and has no extra establishment prerequisites. Discover more about how to utilize Enterprise mode to enhance similarity.

Not with standing utilizing the Enterprise Mode Site List, Microsoft Edge can be designed to send all Intranet destinations to Internet Explorer 11.  You can do this by means of the “Sends all intranet movement over to Internet Explorer” Group Policy. In the event that this arrangement is designed and it will send all intranet destinations to IE11. Not only the locales recorded in the Enterprise Mode site list. This alternative gives a similar client encounter secured before. We prescribe IT Professional utilize and not this arrangement to design only the base arrangement of locales that need to open in IE11, as it will help empower you to modernize your intranet destinations for Microsoft Edge all the more rapidly.

We comprehend that numerous Enterprise clients may have line of business web applications and administrations that rely on upon Internet Explorer and the restrictive advances that it underpins. To help bolster these clients, Windows 10 incorporates Internet Explorer 11 with Enterprise Mode, a similar form upheld on Windows 7 and 8.1. Beginning on January 12, 2016, Internet Explorer 11 will be the base upheld version to keep on receiving security updates and specialized support on Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. A month ago, we propelled a fresh out of the box new program worked for Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge has been developed from the beginning, rapidly, and dependably render website pages, and enhance efficiency. Any Intranet site to open in IE11 can be opened when a client pursues to it utilize internet explorer 11.

Wrapping Up

Web Explorer used to fall behind Google Chrome as far as speed, yet has gone along by a wide margin in late benchmarking tests. Nitty gritty directions to totally clear the store for Internet Explorer 11. For Internet Explorer 10, look at the Internet Explorer 10 page. Today, will demonstrate to you how you can utilize Enterprise Mode with Microsoft Edge to open Internet Explorer 11. Also for your business’ destinations that require IE’s restrictive tech and advancements. This approach empowers your clients to run an advanced program intended for better productivity, security and rendering site pages. Without giving up similarity with heritage line of business applications, it could not get well. It does offer as much support for additional items and augmentations as Chrome or Firefox. And this the reason IE is currently one of the quickest programs around.

Latest Version of Internet Explorer 10 Download

ie-10-downloadInternet Explorer has been a strongest browser among all other alternative browsers. It has purpose of standard behaviour has done is better to provide new features, to visit websites. Earlier versions of that is truly initial enabled internet 2.0 (with the primary support for AJAX) where sites become additional interactive and app-like. In internet explorer 10, Microsoft’s browser has got new height of success and achieved immense popularity. The corporate has truly launched a derogatory ad blitz admitting its past offences and urging users to use it again. Users are suggested to try this compatible and fastest browser over others. You will discover a true surfing experience with quicker services. It appears cleaner than what it must have to be.

Its leading privacy protection tools as well as the default enabled of Don’t Track with a strong trailing can attract you. Those who would rather not have massive ads firms making an in depth profile of all their internet activity. Simply install Internet Explorer and the add-in plug to ban such ads.  Continue Reading

Latest Version of Internet Explorer Download for Windows 10

Internet explorer 11 is finally on the market in public and we’re happy to mention that it represents an enormous discovery. We all know plenty of readers who have got turned off to read. In recent years internet explorer has got a lot additional competitive and price a glance. With graphics process unit (GPU)-powered HTML5, internet explorer permits websites to require full advantage of laptop power through the Windows software. Line-of-Business (LOB) applications that organizations deliver through the net need fewer system resources, and that they look and want native applications. The subsequent sections describe key new and improved options.


Internet explorer 11 is quicker to put in than internet explorer 8 as a result of an upgrade method that needs fewer selections and less overall time. To boot, IT professionals will add internet explorer 11 to existing Windows 7 pictures to contour the preparation method. In addition to a quicker and responsive internet expertise. Internet explorer 11 additionally helps drive user acceptance by giving finish users a clean expertise that puts the main target squarely on the webpage. The efficient program (UI) and seamless integration with Windows 7 offer fast access to business-critical applications, websites, and customary tasks. The subsequent sections describe key new and improved options. We recommend you to try it for yourself (Vista and Windows 7 only), however just in case you’re still on the fence, we’ve ready a visible guide to our ten favorite new options in internet explorer 11. Browse on for additional info.

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