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It is true that so many websites do not prior writing about Internet Explorer because it was one of old browsers. But keep it in notice that it still manages to provide rigid security with fluent surfing. It might be look fluffy to some people but that doesn’t effects it’s working. Internet Explorer has been serving millions of windows users since 19’s and this is initial point from where other browsers got their idea and inspiration. Internet Explorer is a unique browser that offers you some of pioneering features which are not even introduced by others. Other leading browsers can even adopt features that you can get with Internet Explorer. Lets get go with new jaw dropping and bashing features following by some tech tips about this stunning browser. Also catch up more about the new version of IE as well.

You can assume lot of browsers as your personal choice but none of them can fulfil all the requirement yet it is Internet Explorer. Day by day, year by year, internet explorer is getting even more powerful and providing lot of things as benefits. It is an open source browser tool useful for many reasons. It is compact, speedy and highly convenient to use that more often known as efficient browser of all time. Browser has a lot to do things like surfing, downloading and others. This has majority important aspects you can consider for using. As we all know, nowadays internet is bit easy to access.

This is simply a master mind of security because all of data packets transfer in the encrypted form. It means, whenever user sends information to other user, it will go through machine language conversion mechanism. This provides it a irrational form of logic planted over it. on the authenticated user be able to see the right meaningful information. Here in this article, today we are going to show you how Internet Explorer is better than all other browsers. Factors given below will blow your mind and you will get an instant way to choose your browser wisely.

Download Latest Version of Internet Explorer 11

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You will start adopting Internet Explorer as your default browser when you come to know about these. Internet Explorer 11 is the latest edition launched by windows. Let’s start with features you can enroll with Internet Explorer. From the end of 2017, percentage of people who are accessing internet has been rising by 53% which is far better than the years before. It is a browser which is capable to provide you unmatched performance. It is so secure as well, because it works on the safety of user’s information on the prior. This means it will never let you face any  kind of issue related to the security. This is securest medium of the browsing and you can get even more after using it.




  1. Website Pinning – IE allows you to pin certain websites to Windows Taskbar. Windows taskbar is something you can approach more often as compare to anything else. Sometimes when user like a website or its content, it is likely that user will approach it again. Hence to make it sure that user approach the same page with same content, Internet Explorer provides you pinning features.
  2. Energy Efficient – You might not be familiar about this features of a browser like Internet Explorer. This features allows you to get more battery performance by setting up customization. It miserable slow down the acceleration speed of processor while browsing. It leads to get more battery backup when unplugged.
  3. Enhanced Security System – It is the common thing for Internet Explorer if you look up on tech news daily. It shows that no any browser is as safe and sound as Internet Explorer is. Able to provide better identification than other leading browsers. Also automatically reports infected malware files while downloading.
  4. Adds on Stats – IE maintains regular working of adds on and provide stats as well. If user found any ads on that gradually slowing down speed of system, then it can be detained. User can manage a full view about every adds on.
  5. Visual Searching Mechanism – Now this is something that will also boggle you. Internet Explorer 11 browser has capacity to visualize search content. You can get full preview of the feature images of all searches made by you.


I don’t think if any other leading browser provides such features to users. They lacks here. Internet Explorer 11 is just a breeze and people should move to it. To get superior and premium security of content, payments and shopping, Internet Explorer is here for you. You will never face any issue related to surfing speed and features availability.

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